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"Both our daughters (Sabina and Eva) started with Fabienne after having the same nanny for quite some time. Sabina was 2 when she started and Eva was 9 - so was going after school. They settled in unbelievably easily. Now, almost a year on, they both love their time with Fabienne. She is always finding stimulating activities and really goes out of her way to entertain them during school holidays. Sabina regularly attends many local playgroups and has a lot of fun. Fabienne is meticulous about listing the activities and meal plans for each day so you always know exactly what they have been up to and where they have been. They are also learning a few words of French which can only be a good thing. Sabina never leaves Fabienne without giving her a big kiss and a hug which to me speaks volumes. It is like they are part of the family which makes me feel very secure while I am at work."
 Vicki Wolf



"Our baby daughter, Tilla, started under the full time care of Fabienne in January 2015, aged just over ten months. Clearly, it was a little daunting leaving our first and only child as I returned to full time employment, but Fabienne made this a very smooth and reassuring process. Tilla was quick to settle and we did not encounter any issues in her transition to a new setting. She was very quickly made to feel part of the family, taking to Fabienne and her family extremely well (gaining two surrogate older sisters into the bargain!) and relishing the company of the other small children."


Throughout her time with Fabienne, Tilla has not only been very happy but we have been given regular and reassuring updates as to her progress and activities. It has been really lovely to receive very regular photographs and messages as to how Tilla is and what she is up to. This made my move back to work much easier! Tilla has had a wealth of new experiences and we feel very lucky that Fabienne has taken her to many new places on a regular basis, such as the park, playgroups, the library and various local activities, as well as engaging in lots of different play and creative experiences at home. 


Tilla has been able to gently begin to learn to interact with other children (we are happy that we took this route as nursery did not seem right while she was so young) and the skills that this requires, whilst also being very closely looked after and nurtured. Fabienne has updated us on her development and next steps and has provided daily diaries as to her diet/health/activities.


We are very happy with the special care that she has received from Fabienne and are pleased with our decision to place her in this small, loving environment as her first step out of her family home! For your child to be happy leaving the house each day and to talk about her carer when she is away from her bears testament to that."

 Lesley and Ben Fox


"I highly recommend Fabienne. During the six months our daughter has been with her, we have been extremely happy with the high level of care provided. She is able to offer the opportunity to learn and develop in a loving and caring environment. We know that our daughter is safe and nurtured. Sometimes you need your childcare to be flexible and Fabienne always does her best to accommodate us when the need arises. She genuinely cares for our daughter and is willing to help when she can.

I have always been impressed by the high quality and variety of food Fabienne prepares for the children.

Fabienne makes a huge effort to undertake a wide variety of activities with the children – both at home and at local libraries, one o’clock clubs and activity centres. At Christmas she took the children to see Santa and for Valentine’s day she helped them create cards for the parents – these are the things that I didn’t expect, but was really happy she did."


"Fabienne looked after my little girl 4 days a week for a year, starting from 11 months of age. I was a nervous new mum going back to work for the first time and hadn’t left my daughter with anyone other than grandparents before… however I needn’t have been nervous!

Very quickly our daughter settled in and was beautifully cared for by Fabienne. A big warm welcome greeted her every morning. She ate lovely food, took part in activities and playgroups and got just the right amount of rest and busy times to keep her occupied but not overtired. Above all, she was treated with such individual attention and affection that I’m sure she felt she was part of the family.

The only reason we parted company with Fabienne was our house move, I wish we could have stayed with her. I can’t recommend Fabienne highly enough."


Fabienne has been taking care of our two children, now 2 & 3, for the last 9 months. Throughout this time they have been cared for in a warm and loving environment and grown into happy, caring and fun loving children. They both settled very quickly and Fabienne has kept them busy and socialized with daily outings to local playgroups, the park, soft play and various music and theatre outings. They also do a lot of creative activities which they love and come home with artwork and seasonally themed pieces, many of which I will treasure for the years to come. As well as becoming very close to each other, it feels like they are an extended part of Fabienne’s family and I love receiving daily pictures of their activities and hearing about their days. Fabienne is a wonderful cook and they enjoy lots of home made and nutritious meals.

Fabienne has also spent time to understand their routine and worked with me around discipline and rules, to ensure we are consistent in setting boundaries and helping provide a firm but very loving environment for the children. My son has learnt a lot about road safety, and both have become better listeners and have good manners, something which is important to both Fabienne and us.

I wouldn’t hesitate to give Fabienne a glowing reference, she has been flexible, reliable, always upbeat and we will be very sorry to say goodbye to her (we are moving to New Zealand), she has become not just a fantastic childminder but a good friend, and I think the below picture of her with Max and Sienna sums up the close bond she has with the children. Please contact me if you require any additional information.